How and Why of choosing a Career

Every Career Decision has two parts. “How” do I become an Accountant? And, in a life where I can become an Actor, a Financial Analyst, a Marketer,… “Why” should I become an Accountant?

Unfortunately, everyone, literally everyone, students, teachers, parents, friends, Career advisors, everyone – is focussed on the How. While, in real life Why is much more important. If you are running in the wrong direction, it will not matter how fast or how efficiently you are running. At LifePage, we focus first on Why. We will not even talk about the How until you can articulate at least 20 lines about Why you have decided to pursue a particular Career. So once, you start believing in My Life … My Career … My Decision and are determined to invest efforts into arriving at a good Career decision, you need to start working on the Why. Do not waste any time or energy on the How until you are clear with the Why.

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