LifePage Career Talk on After School Education

LifePage Career Talk on After School Education

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By Anita Nautiyal
[Co-founder in Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam]

What is After School Education?

Anita Nautiyal: “An after-school activity is any organized program that youth can participate in outside of the traditional school day. After-school youth programs can occur inside a school building or elsewhere in the community, for instance at a community center, church, library, or park. After-school activities are a cornerstone of concerted cultivation, which is a style of parenting that emphasizes children gaining leadership experience and social skills through participating in organized activities.”

How I got into After School Education?

Anita Nautiyal: “I have done B Sc in Zoolgy and Botany and thereafter I started teaching. I have served as Centre Head at Ahmedabad International School, Curriculum Head and Teacher Trainer at Rajkot, Dean of Academics at Kashipur and Principal at Rishikesh International School. I am a Convenor of women’s network of Green Party. I co-founded Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulum (AVGG) in 2016 which imparts education to school children after their school hours.”

Anita Nautiyal’s LifePage:

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