LifePage Career Talk on Agile Product Management

LifePage Career Talk on Agile Product Management

Full Talk:

By Marcus Evans 
[Agile Product Manager in BBC] 

What is Agile Product Management?

Marcus Evans: “It is the part of the Agile Project Management methodology. Product managers are detached from the development teams, separated by process, department, and facility boundaries. They work to create products and work on the existing product. Their feature development and prioritization of the product for its future.” 

How I got into Agile Product Management?

Marcus Evans: “After my degree in Philosophy, I started Agile Product Management in 2002. I have worked with various companies such as BBC in UK, Lonely Planet in Australia etc. I have worked on a variety of projects for Mobile devices, Websites etc. Some were traditional and some were quite experimental.” 

Marcus Evans’s LifePage:

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