LifePage Career Talk on Bartending

LifePage Career Talk on Bartending

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By Kuldeep Chauhan
[Bar manager in Ramada, Dehradun]

What is Bartending?

Kuldeep Chauhan: “A bartender is a person who formulates and serves alcoholic or soft drink beverages behind the bar, usually in a licensed establishment. Bartenders also usually maintain the supplies and inventory for the bar. A bartender can generally mix classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Mojito.”

How I got into Bartending?

Kuldeep Chauhan: “I have done PG Diploma in Hotel Management from RIMT. Post that I did a 6 month course in Bartending from Bar Academy, Dehradun. I have worked at Taj View, Chillies, Cibo, Veda. I have designed various bars in Uttarakhand. I am also running a Bartending Academy in Dehradun. I am Bar Manager at Ramada, Dehradun.”

Kuldeep Chauhan’s LifePage:

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