LifePage Career Talk on Big Cat Training

LifePage Career Talk on Big Cat Training

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By Rob Punton 
[Founder in] 

What is Big Cat Training?

Rob Punton: “Animal training is a set of experiences that must be had in order to understand it. A single person or a pair of people cannot work a big cat outside of a cage (no perimeter fence). It takes a team of highlytrained people to walk and work with a big cat.” 

How I got into Big Cat Training?

Rob Punton: “After completing my Graduation in Politics from Law University, I done a Course in Filmmaking from NY Film Academy.After that, I have worked in Media as Advertising & Adventure Filmmaker. I also worked as an undercover agent in China and as a reporter in Afghanistan. I believe this helped me acquire the necessary skills for Big Cat Training. I have founded with an aim to return captive big cats to the wilderness.” 

Rob Punton’s LifePage:

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