LifePage Career Talk on Bird Watching

LifePage Career Talk on Bird Watching

Full Talk:

By Ajay Sharma
[Birdwatcher in Freelancer]

What is Bird Watching?

Ajay Sharma: “Birdwatching is the practice of observing and identifying birds in their natural environment. It also helps in uncovering some of the hidden secrets about the nature.”

How I got into Bird Watching?

Ajay Sharma: “I was introduced Birdwatching by famous naturalist Jennifer Nandi. After that I continued alone and with some of my friends for 10 years. In 2008, I started an event for Birdwatching in Welham Boys School, that is still running there. From the last 20 years I am doing Birdwatching and alongside training bird guides in all of the national parks and forest department in Uttarakhand. I am also working to introduce Birdwatching to young generation people and students.”

Ajay Sharma’s LifePage:

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