LifePage Career Talk on Cafe Management

LifePage Career Talk on Cafe Management

Full Talk:

By Kimberley Arora
[Co-Founder in Cafe Cibo]

What is Cafe Management?

Kimberley Arora: “Cafe Management involves planning, running and overseeing the activities of businesses that sell and serve food and beverages to the public. The managers hire, train and supervise staff, organise budgets, plan menus with cooks or chefs, supervise the purchase and storage of food, make and maintain financial records, and coordinate the activities of the kitchen, dining room and bar.”

How I got into Cafe Management?

Kimberley Arora: “I have done BA in English Honours from St Stephens, Delhi University. After my graduation, I got married and shifted to Dehradun and started Cafe Cibo with my husband in 2014.”

Kimberley Arora’s LifePage:

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