LifePage Career Talk on Cosmetics Trading

LifePage Career Talk on Cosmetics Trading

Full Talk:

By Jilamiga Chalermsuk
[Owner in To The Nine Co. Ltd]

What is Cosmetics Trading?

Jilamiga Chalermsuk: “Cosmetics trading is the global or regional distribution and trading of beauty and personal care products such as perfumes and cosmetics.””

How I got into Cosmetics Trading?

Jilamiga Chalermsuk: “I did my Undergraduate Degree from the University of RMIT in Melbourne and Mahidol University in Thailand. After that I interned with the Central Marketing Department. I moved to England to study Marketing at the University of Durham. After completing my degree, I returned to Thailand and started my company that trades in Japanese cosmetics products.”

Jilamiga Chalermsuk’s LifePage:

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