LifePage Career Talk on Decision Management

LifePage Career Talk on Decision Management

Full Talk:

By Kapil Rawat
[Business Analyst in G E Corp, Bangalore]

What is Decision Management?

Kapil Rawat: “Use of computers allows organizations to collect enormous amount of data. Decision Management is tasked with analyzing this data to help take smarter business decisions. These decisions can comprise of anything and everything, like which advertisement to show to a particular user on Facebook or which credit card defaulters to call and when.”

How I got into Decision Management?

Kapil Rawat: “After M A in Economics from JNU, I started my career as a Business Analyst with G E Corp in Bangalore. In my almost two years there I was responsible for making data based collections strategies for two large US retailers with several million defaulting buyers.”

Kapil Rawat’s LifePage:

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