LifePage Career Talk on Eating Psychology

LifePage Career Talk on Eating Psychology

Full Talk:

By Annabelle Macnamara 
[Eating Psychology Coach in Various Assignments] 

What is Eating Psychology?

Annabelle Macnamara: “While we might think of food consumption primarily from a biological perspective, research has shown that our eating habits are significantly influenced by our perception of food as well as various other social and environmental stimuli. Food psychology is the study of the mental processes behind how and why we eat.” 

How I got into Eating Psychology?

Annabelle Macnamara: “I did my Schooling from Woodstock School, Mussoorie and Graduation from Roehampton University, London. After my Graduation I came back to India and did an online Correspondence certification in Psychology of Eating from a school in Colorado, US. Since 2014 I am practicing as an eating psychology coach at various assignments.” 

Annabelle Macnamara’s LifePage:

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