LifePage Career Talk on Economics & Finance Consulting

LifePage Career Talk on Economics & Finance Consulting

Full Talk:

By Manmeet 
[Consultant in Planning Commission of India] 

What is Economics & Finance Consulting?

Manmeet: “Economic consulting is the practice of providing organizations in the public and private sector with information to improve their performance and policies, primarily through the use of applied economics, mathematical economics, economic impact analysis, and forecasting across a broad spectrum of issues.” 

How I got into Economics & Finance Consulting?

Manmeet: “After graduating in commerce, I went on to do masters in Economics. I also attended winter school in Delhi School of Economics. I have done a course in management from London School of Economics. I did my internship at Planning Commission of India. I have worked at RMS as Business Risk Analyst and as Risk Management Consultant at Inductis. I am Strategy & Operations Head at Nuts for Cuts.” 

Manmeet’s LifePage:

(Economics & Finance Consulting, Manmeet Singh Chadha, Planning Commission of India, Consultant, Analyst, Advisor, Financial, Indian Economics) 

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