LifePage Career Talk on Educational Consultancy

LifePage Career Talk on Educational Consultancy

Full Talk:

By Arjun Lal
[Teacher Mentor in PYDS, Dehradun]

What is Educational Consultancy?

Arjun Lal: “Education includes many things such as making lesson plans, teacher training, assessment, administration etc. And each of these roles has it’s own requirements. A consultant does allthese works in various organisations as per their requirements. Other than this, they work with vrious companies to write their lesson plans and other books as required.”

How I got into Educational Consultancy?

Arjun Lal: “I have worked at ICICI Bank for almost 5 years and then I left my job to work with Teach For India Program and then I finally did my MA in Education from Azim Premji University.”

Arjun Lal’s LifePage:

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