LifePage Career Talk on Entrepreneurship

LifePage Career Talk on Entrepreneurship

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By Dhairya Arora 
[Owner in Doon Chaiwala] 

What is Entrepreneurship?

Dhairya Arora: “Entrepreneurship is taking your own concept and applying the idea to serve the whole mass, as in you want to have a target audience, you want to have a product and you want to give them that product. Doon Chaiwala is a tea delivery system which serves to banks,offices and schools. The tea is priced a very decent price.” 

How I got into Entrepreneurship?

Dhairya Arora: “After completing my schooling from Asian School, Dehradun i worked in the film industry for 7 years.Now i am the owner of Doon Chaiwala which is located in Rajpur Road.” 

Dhairya Arora’s LifePage:

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