LifePage Career Talk on Filmmaking

LifePage Career Talk on Filmmaking

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By Omanshu Saini
[Co- Founder in Doon Photowalk]

What is Filmmaking?

Omanshu Saini: “Filmmaking is the process of making a film. Filmmaking involves a number of discrete stages including an initial story, idea, or commission, through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and reproduction, editing, and screening the finished product before an audience that may result in a film release and exhibition.”

How I got into Filmmaking?

Omanshu Saini: “I did my schooling from Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and BBA from Graphic Era, Dehradun. I did my masters in Mass Communication from Doon University. Then I decided to open a company called Doon Photowalk with some of my friends in 2015.”

Omanshu Saini’s LifePage:

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