LifePage Career Talk on Food Blogging

LifePage Career Talk on Food Blogging

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By Rishabh Bhandari
[Co-founder in Wanderers of Delhi]

What is Food Blogging?

Rishabh Bhandari: “Food blogging represents a complex interweaving of foodie or gourmet interest in cooking with those of blog writing and photography. The majority of blogs use pictures taken by the author himself/herself and some of them focus specifically on food photography.”

How I got into Food Blogging?

Rishabh Bhandari: “While I was in college, I realized that there was a need for awareness about good food places. So in 2016, I along with my friend Astha started a food blog called Wanderers of Delhi. I am a Blogger and Photographer.”

Rishabh Bhandari’s LifePage:

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