LifePage Career Talk on Food Technology

LifePage Career Talk on Food Technology

Full Talk:

By Shuchi Upadhyay 
[AP & HoD Food Department in Uttaranchal College of Applied & Life Sciences] 

What is Food Technology?

Shuchi Upadhyay: “Food Technology is a branch of food science that deals with the production processes that make foods.” 

How I got into Food Technology?

Shuchi Upadhyay: “After doing my bachelors and masters in Nutrition from Bhopal, I did a Ph D in Clinical Nutrition from Barkatullah University, Bhopal. I have worked at Ayushman Hospital & College as a Lecturer, at Hamidia Hospital as Dietician, at SHG College as Assistant Professor and at VLCC as a Slimming Manager. I joined Uttaranchal University in 2016 and have been working there as Assistant Professor & HOD Food Department.” 

Shuchi Upadhyay’s LifePage:

(Food Technology, Dr Shuchi Upadhyay Tiwari, UCALS, Uttaranchal College of Applied & Life Sciences, Assistant Professor, HOD Food Department, Food Science) 

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