LifePage Career Talk on General Law

LifePage Career Talk on General Law

Full Talk:

By Avnish Bhatt 
[Assistant Professor in ICFAI University] 

What is General Law?

Avnish Bhatt: “General law means territorial law of a country. It consists of all persons, things, acts and events within the territory of a country which are governed by it.” 

How I got into General Law?

Avnish Bhatt: “After graduating in Law, I went on to do Masters in Law from Hidayatullah National Law University. I am a Judo Player and also teach Judo. I am a Member of Amity University Sports Selection Board. I have worked as an Advocate at District Bar Association, Dehradun. I am Assistant Professor at ICFAI University.” 

Avnish Bhatt’s LifePage:

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