LifePage Career Talk on Health Coaching

LifePage Career Talk on Health Coaching

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By Bhavna Kapoor
[Health Coach in Health Nut]

What is Health Coaching?

Bhavna Kapoor: “Health coaching, also referred to as wellness coaching, is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, identify their values, and transform their goals into action.”

How I got into Health Coaching?

Bhavna Kapoor: “After doing BA Hons in Economics, I did PG Diploma in Social Communication from Delhi University. I was working in filmmaking industry when I realised my interest for generating awareness for healthy living. Then, I did a course in Health Coaching from Institute of Integrated Nutrition, New York. I did Health Coaching for few years before starting my own business of Organic Health Products. I founded Health Nut in 2014 which provides Health Coaching and organizes various Health Retreats.”

Bhavna Kapoor’s LifePage:

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