LifePage Career Talk on Health & Wellness

LifePage Career Talk on Health & Wellness

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By Mondreeta Sengupta
[Trustee in World Pranic Healing & Training Centre]

What is Health & Wellness?

Mondreeta Sengupta: “In Health & Wellness the mission is to promote and nurture a community of care supportive of healthy life long personal and relational behaviors.”

How I got into Health & Wellness?

Mondreeta Sengupta: “An ex-GM (HR) of Reliance Industries Ltd, a faculty with training wing of American Consulate and with Airlines & Aviation Industry, I have been nurturing development and growth of Human Relations and Life Management Skills for past two decades. I am the trustee at World Pranic Healing & Training Centre, Dehradun and have been conducting health and wellness workshops since 1996.”

Mondreeta Sengupta’s LifePage:

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