LifePage Career Talk on Hemp Farming

LifePage Career Talk on Hemp Farming

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By Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal
[Director in Everest Eco Hemp]

What is Hemp Farming?

Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal: “Hemp Farming is not growing Marijuana. Hemp and Marijuana come from the same plant called Cannabis but are 2 very different things. Hemp is the sister plant of Marijuana which has a lot of uses but no drug content.”

How I got into Hemp Farming?

Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal: “I went to Sanskriti School and then finally passed out of British School, New Delhi where I took the IB board in order to go abroad. After that I went to the University of Richmond where I majored in International Economics and International Business and did a minor in Italian.”

Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal’s LifePage:

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