LifePage Career Talk on Heritage Conservation

LifePage Career Talk on Heritage Conservation

Full Talk:

By Lokesh Ohri
[Convenor in INTACH]

What is Heritage Conservation?

Lokesh Ohri: “Heritage Conservation has two words in it. Heritage is something of value that we get from our past such as buildings, paintings, statues, fabric and so on. Now heritage needs to be conserved so the second word is conservation which is saving those objects or the art forms and preserving them for the future.”

How I got into Heritage Conservation?

Lokesh Ohri: “After working for a few years in Kolkata, I decided to come back to Dehradun because I wanted to teach. I was running a school as well as teaching in it but then over the years I realized that my real passion was in the field of Art and Culture so therefore I took up Heritage Conservation as a profession and started working for INTACH.”

Lokesh Ohri’s LifePage:

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