LifePage Career Talk on Hotelier

LifePage Career Talk on Hotelier

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By Mohit Dang
[Hotelier in Hotel Inderlok Dehradun]

What is Hotelier?

Mohit Dang: “A hotelier is a person who runs or owns a hotel. If you stay at a hotel, you may never see the hotelier, who is responsible for hiring and managing staff and keeping things running smoothly.”

How I got into Hotelier?

Mohit Dang: “I attended Welham Boys School till Class X and then attended and completed my schooling at Queen Elisabeth High School in Canada. I then attained a degree in Family Business & Entrepreneurship from the University of Alberta, Canada. I am the owner of Hotel Inderlok, Dehradun and have been managing the same since 2008.”

Mohit Dang’s LifePage:

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