LifePage Career Talk on Librarianship

LifePage Career Talk on Librarianship

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By Anupama Saini 
[Senior Manager – Library in British Council] 

What is Librarianship?

Anupama Saini: “Librarianship involves collecting, organizing, preserving and disseminating information to those who need it. Librarians help their constituencies find and make use of information contained in a collection of various kinds, sizes and resources to support individual needs as well as an organization’s strategic goals.” 

How I got into Librarianship?

Anupama Saini: “I graduated in commerce from Delhi University and got placed at EY. I realised my love for books and decided to pursue bachelors & masters in Library Sciences from Delhi University. I also did a diploma in Library Automation & Networking. Soon after that, I got selected at Delhi High Court as an Assistant Librarian and after working there for 1.5 years, I moved to British Council in 2018. I am Senior Manager – Library at British Council.” 

Anupama Saini’s LifePage:

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