LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Artistry

LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Artistry

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By Simar Pannu
[Makeup Artist in Makeup by Simar Pannu]

What is Makeup Artistry?

Simar Pannu: “A Makeup Artist can make your day. You need them for your Big Day, you need them for your Fashion show, TV of film. Everyone who looks good on TV, in camera or on person the person behind that is Makeup Artist.”

How I got into Makeup Artistry?

Simar Pannu: “After completing BA LLB from Army Institute of Law, I satrted working at an international law firm Clifford Chance OSC Services which is based out of London and worked there for a year and then decided to pursue my passion which is makeup. I went to Delamar Academy in London which produced many famous makeup artists that were working in sitcoms like Game of Thrones.”

Simar Pannu’s LifePage:

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