LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Artistry

LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Artistry

Full Talk:

By Manu Ahuja 
[Makeup Artist in Self Employed] 

What is Makeup Artistry?

Manu Ahuja: “Is an approach to make people look good. Artist’s work is to provide confidence aesthetically that you are beautiful with the help of makeup. It is the analysis of best feature and an art to create a life paintings.” 

How I got into Makeup Artistry?

Manu Ahuja: “While working in a BPO I started advance training for Makeup Artistry. It was a stress buster in the starting for me and then I continued it later as a profession. I have been doing that from 11 years and has worked for various celebrities and known people.” 

Manu Ahuja’s LifePage:

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