LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Training

LifePage Career Talk on Makeup Training

Full Talk:

By Liz Gruszka
[Director in Masters Academy of Makeup Art]

What is Makeup Training?

Liz Gruszka: “Makeup training is teaching Makeup enthusiasts how to do Makeup and become Professionals at that field.”

How I got into Makeup Training?

Liz Gruszka: “After completing my Schooling from Australia, I worked at EMI Music Company. I travelled the world for around 3 years, and lived at different places. I finally decided to study Makeup from a school at Toronto. I have been doing Makeup since 1992. I have done Makeup for Holly wood Films as well. I became a Director at MAMA Masters Academy of Makeup Art in 2015.”

Liz Gruszka’s LifePage:

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