LifePage Career Talk on Mandala Weaving

LifePage Career Talk on Mandala Weaving

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By Divya Prasad
[Sacred Geometric Artist in Iktomi]

What is Mandala Weaving?

Divya Prasad: “Mandala weaving is an ancient folk art practised by the Mexicans and Native Americans. Across cultures in the world, Mandalas have always been a sacred tool of Divination. The art of Mandalas were also practised in Hinduism and Buddhism. In simple terms, Mandala means a Circle. It represents the universe the life cycles and emits a certain vibration as per its pattern. It consists of geometric patterns and forms found in Nature that carry a certain vibration. Some cultures use mandalas as sacred patterns in their embroidery, murals, paintings, temple or monastery structures, architecture, ritualistic grids, Yantras or day to day motifs. Weaving yarn mandalas is as creative and therapeutic as any other sacred form of art. The mandala represents the state of the weavers universe; also healing, unblocking, energizing and transforming unhealed aspects of the self.”

How I got into Mandala Weaving?

Divya Prasad: “I began my career as a creative writer and copywriter with leading advertising and digital agencies. Then, I moved from a full-time job to adopt a freelancer model. Travel and art were my passions, so I decided to pursue my dreams and invest myself in what truly resonated with me. I started writing my blog as a channel of expression to share my stories and experiences. I learnt energy healing and Mandala weaving on my travels and began my own sacred geometric healing arts venture Iktomi. So far my journey has been creatively and spiritually enriching.”

Divya Prasad’s LifePage:

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