LifePage Career Talk on Martial Arts

LifePage Career Talk on Martial Arts

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By Manoj Kumar
[Head in Shanti Samiti]

What is Martial Arts?

Manoj Kumar: “Many forms such as karate, Judo, Taikwando, kung fu, kick-boxing come under martial arts. Martial arts are practiced for a number of reasons: as an art form, as a game, as self defence and protecting others. it trains you to learn to protect yourself even when you are empty handed.”

How I got into Martial Arts?

Manoj Kumar: “I did my schooling from Uttar Pradesh. I achieved a black belt in karate in 1993 and have attained many degrees in karate and Tong II Moodo since. After this I did my graduation from Agra University. Following which I was selected by the Border Security Force as a martial arts trainer in 1994. Until 2005 I did my Job at the BSF and then returned to Dehradun and opened my martial arts academy called Sri Shanti Samiti . Ever since then I have been giving training in martial arts.”

Manoj Kumar’s LifePage:

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