LifePage Career Talk on Mushroom Farming

LifePage Career Talk on Mushroom Farming

Full Talk:

By Divya Rawat 
[Owner in Saumya Foods Pvt Ltd] 

What is Mushroom Farming?

Divya Rawat: “Fungiculture is the process of producing food, medicine and other products by the cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi.” 

How I got into Mushroom Farming?

Divya Rawat: “After completing my graduation in social service from Amity University and masters from IGNOU, I worked with an NGO called Sakti Wahini.I have been awarded with Udhyan Pandit by Uttarakhand Govt. I founded my company as Saumya Foods Pvt Ltd in 2013.” 

Divya Rawat’s LifePage:

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