LifePage Career Talk on Narcotics Control

LifePage Career Talk on Narcotics Control

Full Talk:

By Aloke B Lal 
[Anti Narcotics Specialist in Indian Police Services] 

What is Narcotics Control?

Aloke B Lal: “Narcotics are drug which are derived from certain biological plants or otherwise chemically.” 

How I got into Narcotics Control?

Aloke B Lal: “I served the Indian Police for 37 years and during this period of my service in police I dealt with the problem of narcotics in many states ,many places as in various position as an IPS Officer. Dealing with drug addiction is important today because we know that a lot of states in India have this problem and so there is need to develop awareness about the problem.” 

Aloke B Lal’s LifePage:

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