LifePage Career Talk on Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics

LifePage Career Talk on Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics

Full Talk:

By Dr Ajay Sharma
[Consultant Paediatrician in Various Medical Assignments]

What is Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics?

Dr Ajay Sharma: “Neurodevelopmental pediatricians evaluate and treat infants, toddlers and children who show signs of motor and developmental delays. Pediatric behavior health is also a part of neurodevelopmental pediatrics. Developmental pediatrics helps kids who have motor, speech, social or learning delays (developmental disorders in children).”

How I got into Neurodevelopmental Paediatrics?

Dr Ajay Sharma: “After doing education I started working as a consultant neurodevelopmetal paediatrician and clinical director in the Evelina London, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, UK. I have extensive clinical and teaching experience of the child development and developmental disorders. I have also co-authored two books on child development (From Birth to Five Years – Children’s Developmental Progress and Practical Developmental Examination). I also volunteer with the Latika Roy Foundation in India helping them with medical consultancy, running parents’ groups, teaching on courses and setting up a website”

Dr Ajay Sharma’s LifePage:

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