LifePage Career Talk on Pistol Shooting

LifePage Career Talk on Pistol Shooting

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By Kartikeya Sharma
[Professional Shooter in Indian Shooting Team]

What is Pistol Shooting?

Kartikeya Sharma: “Shooting most often refers to the use of a firearm. A person who shoots is called a shooter. The term ‘weapon’ is used as a piece of equipment to help the user achieve the best in which they can in the sport.”

How I got into Pistol Shooting?

Kartikeya Sharma: “After doing my BA LLB from Law College, I joined a law firm ELDF as an Associate. I started shooting when I was a kid in school during summer camp and later became a professional shooter. I have participated in various National and International sporting events.”

Kartikeya Sharma’s LifePage:

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