LifePage Career Talk on Product Management

LifePage Career Talk on Product Management

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By Sricharan Vadapalli 
[Practice Head in Pyramid Solutions] 

What is Product Management?

Sricharan Vadapalli: “Product management is an organisational lifecycle function within a company dealing with the planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle.” 

How I got into Product Management?

Sricharan Vadapalli: “I joined IT MNC from college and worked for a Product Company for 8 years mostly in USA. I have also worked with MNC’s and Startups. I am working as Practice Head of Data Analytics, DevOps and Cloud, currently with Pyramid Solutions. My books are on DevOps, Big Data and successful Relationships. Learning was my passion, I am certified SAP Hana consultant also certified in PMP, ITIL, OCA, INS21, FP, In Memory, I was always passionate about data and its value at the enterprise level hence I found my way into Big data Analytics. I have authored books on DevOps, Bigdata and relationships”

Sricharan Vadapalli’s LifePage:

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