LifePage Career Talk on Sericulture

LifePage Career Talk on Sericulture

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By Dr Vijay Prakash Sharma
[Scientist in Govt of India]

What is Sericulture?

Dr Vijay Prakash Sharma: “Sericulture or silk farming is the cultivation of silkworms to produce silk. Silkworm larvae are fed with mulberry leaves and after the fourth moult, they climb a twig placed near them and spin their silken cocoons. This process is achieved by the worm through a dense fluid secreted from its structural glands, resulting in the fibre of the cocoon.”

How I got into Sericulture?

Dr Vijay Prakash Sharma: “After doing my PHD in Neuroscience in 1981, I have worked with Zoological Survey of India for 5 years and after that worked with Silk Organization of Government of India for 30 years. I have published 157 research papers and have been awarded with National and International Gold Medals in various fields. I am working as the principal of Alpine Group of Institution since 2012.”

Dr Vijay Prakash Sharma’s LifePage:

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