LifePage Career Talk on Social Work

LifePage Career Talk on Social Work

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By Mridula Mehrishi
[Chairperson in Maya Gopal Foundation, Dehradun]

What is Social Work?

Mridula Mehrishi: “Social work is a professional approach that seeks to facilitate the welfare of communities, individuals, families and groups that are downtrodden and in need. It may promote social change, development, cohesion and empowerment. It helps to getting those people in need come to the level of society.”

How I got into Social Work?

Mridula Mehrishi: “After doing my B Ed from Dehradun and advance management programme from Harvard Business School, Boston, I pursued my profession in teaching for 35 years. I was observant and helpful from the childhood, and I always wanted to help those who are in need and did not have much of the resources. Now, I have been running my own foundation called Maya Gopal Foundation to help the downtrodden people get along the society from the past 3 years.”

Mridula Mehrishi’s LifePage:

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