LifePage Career Talk on Stock Broking

LifePage Career Talk on Stock Broking

Full Talk:

By Peter Dixon 
[Stock Broker in Painter Smith & Amberg] 

What is Stock Broking?

Peter Dixon: “Stockbroking is buying and selling of Financial Securities such as stocks shares and bonds through the stock market by a dealer (stockbroker) who acts as an agent on behalf of clients wishing to buy or sell securities.” 

How I got into Stock Broking?

Peter Dixon: “I did my graduation in finance from California State University, San Bernardino. I worked at a bank called Wells Fargo as a teller during my graduation.I moved on to become a stock broker at Wells Fargo after obtaining my License from the State of California. I also worked at Painter Smith & Amberg as a Stock Broker.” 

Peter Dixon’s LifePage:

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