LifePage Career Talk on Story Telling

LifePage Career Talk on Story Telling

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By Ajay Mehta 
[Story Teller in Life Express] 

What is Story Telling?

Ajay Mehta: “Story Telling is a process of magical word of stories and books to children of all ages. It helps bringing children back to reading.” 

How I got into Story Telling?

Ajay Mehta: “I passed out of St Josephs Academy and joined Hotel Management, Pusa to become a Chef. After a few years, I returned back to Dehradun and along with a few friends, started Dehradun’s first City Magazine called “Doon City Chronicles”. After doing that for 7 years, I realized that I could design visual communication. At that period of time I also realized my interest in theatre but after I got married and had children, I developed another skill which was story telling. After which started a centre for kids along with my wife called Life Express.” 

Ajay Mehta’s LifePage:

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