LifePage Career Talk on Teaching Thermo Fluids

LifePage Career Talk on Teaching Thermo Fluids

Full Talk:

By Ashish Mishra
[Assistant Professor in DIT University]

What is Teaching Thermo Fluids?

Ashish Mishra: “Thermal fluids or Thermofluids is a branch of science and engineering which consists of two words “thermal”, meaning heat, and “fluids”, which refers to liquids, gases and vapors. Pressure, volume, and density all play an important role in thermal fluids.”

How I got into Teaching Thermo Fluids?

Ashish Mishra: “I have done B Tech in Mechanical Engineering from JSS, Noida. Post that, I worked at Prag as Industrial Engineer for some time, before deciding to go for Masters. I then did M Tech in Fluids Engineering from MNNIT, Allahabad. I have also done courses in CATIA & CFD. I have cleared GATE 4 times, from 2014-2017. I am Assistant professor at DIT University since 2017.”

Ashish Mishra’s LifePage:

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