LifePage Career Talk on Teaching Yoga

LifePage Career Talk on Teaching Yoga

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By Shobhna Juneja
[Yoga Teacher in Shobhna Yoga]

What is Teaching Yoga?

Shobhna Juneja: “Teaching yoga, like the name suggests, is the way your teachers teaches you, but it is more related to the health of the people these days. When I teach people during the day it is not basically explaining some subject, but teaching them art of leaving and art of being healthy, happier, distressed and at the same time you being more happy, healthy and distressed as the teacher, so it is a two way program as a teacher you are healthy yourself and you making people healthy too.”

How I got into Teaching Yoga?

Shobhna Juneja: “After completing my Graduation and Post Graduation, I started my career as a PR Executive. I worked as a PR Executive for one year and then I made a shift in career to make yoga as a full time profession and I have been Teaching Yoga since 2011.”

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