LifePage Career Talk on Technical Management

LifePage Career Talk on Technical Management

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By Bhupendra Chauhan
[CTO in HNN 24*7]

What is Technical Management?

Bhupendra Chauhan: “Technical management involves the duties a news channel must perform for the technical operations. This involves management related to crew management with related tasks, logistics related or equipment related to operations as well as operations, service and maintenance.”

How I got into Technical Management?

Bhupendra Chauhan: “I started my career with NDTV as a freelancer in the year 1990 and worked there for almost 10 years. After that I started working with News 24 in the year 2007. Then I started working as a freelancer and worked different-2 companies in Delhi. Later on I came back to Dehradun and started working with HNN 24*7. I have been working at HNN 24*7 as Chief Technical Officer since it started.”

Bhupendra Chauhan’s LifePage:

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