LifePage Career Talk on Travel Blogging

LifePage Career Talk on Travel Blogging

Full Talk:

By Divya Prasad
[Travel Blogger in Various Assignments]

What is Travel Blogging?

Divya Prasad: “Travel blogging is various things. For eg if you were interested in photography you could blog about your photos. Or if you had a story to tell, mostly sharing your personal experience on things. It is different from travel writing as here you are writing for your audience and a not a publication as such.”

How I got into Travel Blogging?

Divya Prasad: “I did my Graduation in Mass Media. I was very fond of travelling and trekking and gradually shifted from Mumbai to Himachal Pradesh. I started off my career in Advertising as a copywriter. Now I pursue my passion for Writing and Storytelling and I am a Travel Blogger.”

Divya Prasad’s LifePage:

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