LifePage Career Talk on Travel Photography

LifePage Career Talk on Travel Photography

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By Ajay Khullar
[Travel Photographer in Various Creative Assignments]

What is Travel Photography?

Ajay Khullar: “Travel Photography is travelling to various places and capturing essences of those places in terms of festivals, cuisines , monuments, sculptures , people. In short you capture everything that a place has to offer.”

How I got into Travel Photography?

Ajay Khullar: “I have joined my family business in the year 1975. I started photography at very young age as my father was passionate photographer. I started travel photography as a profession in the year 1986. I have contributed in travel magazines , coffee table books , art and design magazines, in-flight , broachers to various advertising agencies in India and exhibitions in Dehradun, Kolkata and Mussoorie.”

Ajay Khullar’s LifePage:

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