LifePage Career Talk on Travel Photography

LifePage Career Talk on Travel Photography

Full Talk:

By Chris Rathore
[Travel Photographer in Various Assignments]

What is Travel Photography?

Chris Rathore: “Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history.”

How I got into Travel Photography?

Chris Rathore: “After finishing my schooling from Asian school in Dehradun, I went to England for my graduation. I got into travel photography in 2012.”

Chris Rathore’s LifePage:

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[This Career Talk covers]

  What Is:
     1) Travel Photography  
     2) Camera Knowledge  
     3) Software Knowledge  
     4) History  
     5) Mass Communication  
     6) Writing  
     7) Creativity & Innovation  
     8) Video Knowledge  
     9) Patience  
     10) Quick Learner  
     11) Communication  
     12) Different Experiences  
     13) Continuous Learning  
     14) Interesting Work  
     15) Respect & Recognition  
     16) Meeting new people  
     17) Language Barrier  
     18) Climate Conditions  
     19) Economic Conditions  
     20) Uncertainties  
  A Day Of:
     21) A travel photographer  

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