LifePage Career Talk on Wildlife Biology

LifePage Career Talk on Wildlife Biology

Full Talk:

By Suresh Kumar
[Scientist (E) in Wildlife Institute of India]

What is Wildlife Biology?

Suresh Kumar : “A wildlife biologist is someone who studies and/or manages wild animals and their habitats. Wildlife biology as an academic subject or profession is usually narrowly defined as applying to terrestrial vertebrates.”

How I got into Wildlife Biology?

Suresh Kumar : “I have done Bachelors in Chemistry, Botany & Zoology. I then did a Masters in Wildlife Science and Ph D in Olive Ridley Sea Turtle from Wildlife Institute of India. I am also researching on Amur Falcon. I am working at Wildlife Institute of India since 1995 and am a Scientist (E) there.”

Suresh Kumar ‘s LifePage:

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