Mission IIT JEE – India’s biggest tragedy!

So you have been preparing for IIT since you were in Class V and you feel that “thinking about your Career is a waste of time.” You already know that you want to be an Engineer. By the time you finish school you will invest close to 1 Lac in additional tuitions and books. Then you will invest another 4 Lac in Kota. Then you will invest 10 Lac into your 4 year Engineering degree. And, finally after investing 15 Lac and 12 years of your life, you will ask “What should I do after Engineering?”

Don’t run blindfolded on the path of failure and depression.

Before you jump back to your preparations. Ask yourself: Do I even know what kind of Engineer I want to be? Can I write a 20 line essay about “Life as a IT/Civil/Mechanical/… Engineer?” If not, take a week off, think, introspect and make a Career Plan for yourself. Use the free LifePage App to self introspect and arrive at a proper Career decision.

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