Most important innovation in Career Choice

Career is the most important decision of one’s life. However, around the world people invest more time on researching about mobile phones than they do on researching about what they wish to do for the rest of their life.

The root cause for this is not that people do not want to but simply that they do not have access to relevant information. Career Counselors are supposedly experts in all possible Career options and now we have Google. Both trying to pass on information about Colleges, Salaries, and How to enter a Career. But How is not even relevant until one is clear with Why one wants to pursue a particular Career and that is an area which is completely unaddressed. Psychometric tests attempt to solve this but they are grossly inadequate, they are often administered at a time when the personality of the candidate is still evolving. As a result Career seekers randomly decide a Career and seek Career Counselors or Google to figure out How to get into it. And, how long will figuring out the How take? 5 mins or maybe 10. Eventually that is all the time invested in the most important decision of one’s life.

LifePage saw through this situation and has created the largest knowledge repository of Careers in the whole world. Unlike the Expert model they rely on Honest Experiences from Real Professionals. You could watch Career Talks from real professionals on Careers as varied as Space Technology, Police, High Altitude Ecology, Pole Dancing, … and many more. This bridge between the career seeker and the real professional is the core of this amazing innovation. It gets better, it is not just information but also how your use it. Using LifePage, one could take a Career Decision in 3 steps. And that decision would not be based on a whim or a fancy but on solid research on several Careers.

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