Resume 2.0 – based on functional areas not designations

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Last month I was recruiting a Product Manager for my start-up. While I was going though the heap of CVs, one particular CV caught my eye, but it did not have Product Management written anywhere in it. The girl was a Business Analyst at a top software company and she then moved on to be a Project Manager at a relatively smaller software company. And, my one line reply to her was: do you have Product Management experience?

Two days later I was looking into the valley from my beautiful office balcony. I was thinking about how difficult it is for a start-up in a town like Dehradun to get good people. Gradually I started introspecting and I realized that I was spending less than a minute on every CV and my question to the girl was stupid. Why? Because as a Business Analyst she was doing Product Management activities for maybe 40% of her time and as a Project Manager maybe 60% of her time. Then, why did I, someone who has been doing Product Management for 9 years not interview her? And, if I did not, then what chances does the girl have to land a Product Management role through regular placement consultants and HR?

So the CV does not work, why:

  1. A recruiter looks at it for less than a minute
  2. A CV has designations and accomplishments not what you do
  3. A CV does not have functional areas and that is what we recruit for

Interestingly, at LifePage we have been focussing on functional areas while getting out speakers to share their professional experiences. So theoretically, we do not care if you are a Managing Director in a Bank, we ask, what exactly do you do and get you to share the same on a Career Talk. And, this is solid gold: that is what the recruiters really want and care about. We are at the moment designing resume 2.0 which is based on functional areas and also has videos, trailers and a lot of functional area information. Have a look and let us know what you think on

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