Rob Punton

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Graduation (Politics) – Law University
Course (Filmmaking) – NY Film Academy

Rob Punton did his Graduation in Politics from Law University and a Course in Filmmaking from NY Film Academy. He has worked in Media as Advertising & Adventure Filmmaker and also worked as an undercover agent in China and as a reporter in Afghanistan. He believes, this helped him acquire the necessary skills for Big Cat Training. He founded with an aim to return captive big cats to the wilderness. 
He is an expert big cat handler and master trainer in operant conditioning and predatory training. His team has a wealth of experience, ranging from big cats to dolphins and seals, contributing a deep understanding of predator prey relations and behaviour.
Rob, designed and implemented two successful captive management programs, one in Pakistan, the other in the UAE. Working directly for Shiekh Mohammad, ruler of Dubai with his private big cat collection on a program he developed called Born Wild. With the aim to rescue, raise and prepare big cats to return to the wild. This allowed Rob the ability to develop new techniques and methodology to achieve this goal.
Media savvy with a background in TV, as a war-correspondent and documentary film maker. Rob has the personality, people skills, military training and experience to document and deliver an incredible conservation outcome for big cat survival.
He is a 15 year big cat veteran, adventurer and film maker. Having seen frontline action in Afghanistan, uncovered drugs at the olympics and undergone gruelling SAS training. Tiger Rob doesnt just show you how to stay alive he shows you how to be alive. Thats why after establishing Shiekh Mohammads private big cat program Born Wild, Rob is ready for his biggest challenge yet. To return captive big cats to the wilderness. For this he has founded, ‘The last big cats is pushing the forefront of active conservation, international scope with a reputation to build in order to establish its success.

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