Vinod Verma

[ Co-founder, Travel Photgrapher | Homestays of India, Vinod Verma Photography ]
B Com – Delhi University
Advanced Diploma (Russian)
Advanced Diploma (Travel & Tourism)

Vinod Verma has done B Com from Delhi University. He also has Advanced Diplomas in Russian and Travel & Tourism. While working in a 5-star hotel, he went on a bike trip to Ladakh and realized that his interest lied in travel photography. He started travelling intensely doing travel photography. It is then that he realized that unlike hotels, homestays in India were not organized. He wanted to work on this problem and co-founded Homestays of India in 2017. After 12 years of experience, he has now established himself as a Travel Photographer also. He works for various travel magazines and travel guides. He is a traveller, biker, photographer and hotelier, ready to dedicate rest of his life to Homestays of India.

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